Instrument Rental Guide

How to Maintain Backline Rental Musical Instruments 

Buying instruments is expensive. Instruments with high quality must be of choice, for we have this belief that if the instrument has a high quality, it must be durable also. Rather, nowadays, people are most likely to resort on renting musical instruments rather than buying them for of course, it is more affordable and economical to do so.

Nowadays, backline hire Orlando rental owners offers recognized and of high quality instruments. Therefore, these are the following guidelines on how to take good care of your rented instruments to maintain its great shape and playing condition.

On Guitar care:

o Whenever the guitar is not in use, dust might accumulate in the surface and might look dull or oils from previous usage remains, you must wipe it with a 100% cotton or a guitar polishing cloth so that the glossy effect on the surface will be maintained.

o After being wiped by a cotton cloth, there will be remnants of oils, you can use a damp cloth with a gentle detergent, wiped it on the guitar followed by a dry cloth to wipe away any marks and streaks.

o Keep the guitar away from high temperature areas or humid places to avoid alteration of tunes, cracking or unexpected expanding of the instrument.

On Violin treatment

o Clean the violin using a lint free cloth to wipe off dusts and unwanted oil, pay more attention most specially on the top of the instrument and the fingerboard upon cleaning.

o Place your violin on places that is free from hair, most importantly your bow. Avoid touching the horsehair on your bow to avoid losing the power to get on the strings.

o Frequently apply rosin on your bow, but not too much for it might cause a harsh tone and it might accumulate excessive amount of rosin dust.

If it so happens that you are not knowledgeable on how to tune your stringed instruments, seek help to those who are skilled or expert on that area. This is to avoid harm on your instruments.

On Saxophone treatment

o You can put on grease on the cork so that you can maneuver nor assemble the instrument without using force, take extra precaution that you do it minimally. The wipe your marks or any streaks with a clean dry cotton.

o Remove any signs of moisture with absorbent cotton after using and before storage of the instrument.

On Flute treatment

o In removing the moisture on all the sections of the flute, you can use a cotton swab or cloth after every use of the instrument, and also wipe any marks or streaks with a dry and non-treated cloth to maintain its good shape.

o Always keep your instruments inside the case to keep it safe from any untoward accidents.

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